EWPL is dedicated to protecting the environment. The following are some of the ways through which we give back to Mother Nature:

Eco-friendly Base Papers

We use 100% recycled base papers for our Super Calendered and Coated Paper range (except when technically necessary to suit the application of the final product)

Green Alternative Fuel

We have a Thermic Fluid Heater with a capacity of 20,00,000 kCal/hr for our drying stages in our manufacturing process. The heater relies on 100% biomass in the form of rice husk for fuel.

Minimum outflow of Chemicals

We strive to maintain strict norms when it comes to the wastage and water that leaves our premises after use in manufacturing.

Bio-degradable Products

All our papers are bio-degradable and leave minimal footprints on the environment.

Optimum Efficiencies

We strive to reduce power, water and fuel consumption by continuous improvement in our processes.