About EWPL

EAST WEST PRODUCTS LIMITED was incorporated on 8th June, 1993 as a closely held public limited company in the state of Delhi with a view to capitalize on the vast gap between demand and supply in the waste paper trade as well as the finished paper products segment. Our products portfolio caters to various sectors like Tobacco packaging, Gift wraps, Soap Wrappers, Tissue papers for packaging and decoration, Crepe Tissue for household use and personal hygiene, Insulation papers, Base Papers for One Time Carbon (OTC) paper for computer stationary, Absorbent Kraft, Carry Bag Kraft, Ribbed Kraft and various other speciality grades used for industrial applications. Apart from this, we also deal in pre-consumed imported waste paper used for recycling.

Having been into the business of trading various grades of papers and paperboards since 1993, EWPL started manufacturing in 2012. With the ban on plastic use in certain segments of the flexible packaging industry and the rise of environment consciousness, there was a need for good quality, high strength coated and uncoated papers suitable for lamination and packaging.

EWPL rose to the challenges and provided the market and customers with eco-friendly Super-Calendered Papers, Coated Papers, Wet Strength Papers and Thermal Papers to cater to a wide range of applications and industries.

Currently, we operate on two coating lines suitable to manufacture a mix of products with a total annual production capacity of 12000 MT. We also have four Super Calenders with a total annual capacity of 24000 MT.