Situated in Khatima, Uttarakhand, our sophisticated manufacturing facility is spread out over 25 acres.

Our Paper Division unit has 2 offline coaters designed using the latest technology and modern equipment. Coating Machine – 1 is an air-knife coater with an operational speed of 350 m/min, one of the fastest in the Indian industry. Coating Machine – 2 is a two-stage machine, with the first stage having a blade or bar coater and the second stage with a bar-coater, operating at a speed of 400 m/min.

Supplementing the coating machines are 4 ultra-tech Super-Calenders, designed to operate at speeds of upto 400 m/min. Three of them have a minimum of 12 rolls (upto 16 rolls) to give our products the ultimate gloss and smoothness to suit our customers’ needs.

Following are the working width of the machines:

  • CM – 1: 1760 mm
  • CM – 2: 1350 mm
  • S/C – 1: 1600 mm
    (16 rolls)
  • S/C – 2: 1760 mm
    (12 rolls)
  • S/C – 3: 2800 mm
    (14 rolls)
  • S/C – 4: 1760 mm
    (5 rolls)

Our Plastic Recycling in one of kind in India, converting wastes of LDPE, Poly-Al (Tetrapak) and other polymers and converting them to a usable granule/product. Installed Capacity is 100 MT per month.

No manufacturing unit can survive without a mechanical workshop. Our workshop is our backbone and the reason we are able to technically excel in our equipment and products. Innovation in machinery and swift execution has helped us develop us the latest designs in our machines and stay ahead of the competition. Maintenance is expedited in the blink of an eye and development is executed with precision.